Is Lindsay Lohan a Serial Toilet Clogger?


ABC News(LOS ANGELES) — Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing jewelry, punching people and not paying her taxes, but now she’s really in hot water.  TMZ reports the producers of Scary Movie 5 have accused her of being a serial toilet clogger.

The website reports Lohan has told friends she’s been framed as a toilet clogger because the producers were upset that she failed to show up on the first day of filming.

Lohan claims she missed the first day because she was sick and doctors ordered her not to fly.  When she finally arrived, she found the shower and the toilet in her trailer not working, and she was forced to use the facilities in adjoining trailers.

After the shoot, Lohan was accused of clogging up not only her trailer’s toilet, but others as well.  She was also told that the cost of repairs would be deducted from her pay.

Lohan’s pals tell TMZ her reps went back and forth with movie producers for weeks before the actress finally caved in and allowed thousands of dollars to be taken from her Scary 5 paycheck to cover the toilet trouble.

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