He Confessed to Killing Her, Then Shot It Out With Police



(FORT HALL, ID)  —   A man who admitted to killing a missing Pocatello woman was killed in a shootout with police Wednesday night.   Authorities say 25-year-old Boede Paul admitted to killing Angelea Schultz, who has been missing since Jan. 6.   Paul led law enforcement officials to an area on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation where he claimed Schultz was buried, then engaged officers in a standoff that lasted several hours. Paul reportedly began firing shots at police, who then opened fire themselves, killing the suspect. Detectives plan to continue their search for Schultz’s body today.

Officials with the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes issued a formal complaint Wednesday night, alleging that Fort Hall Police weren’t promptly notified about the standoff.   They claim the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office and five other law enforcement agencies did not contact the FBI or tribal leaders before following Paul to the location where he reportedly buried Angelea Schultz.  Officials say they’re “deeply concerned” about the lack of cooperation between tribal police and outside agencies, since the incident occurred under tribal jurisdiction.

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