INL Announces More Job Cuts


2  Updated at 10:21 am, February 11th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(IDAHO FALLS)  —    More jobs are being cut at the Idaho National Laboratory. Officials say 110 workers have volunteered to leave their positions with Battelle Energy Alliance, but that won’t be enough. An estimated 300 to 450 jobs will be eliminated in the near future. The layoffs are being blamed on the rising costs of day-to-day operations. Authorities maintain that those who volunteer to leave will receive a severance package based on their experience and seniority.

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  • HingeThunder

    Sounds like more of that there hopey-chnagey stuff to me.

  • Goodbye_Kalifornia

    “The layoffs are being blamed on the rising costs of day-to-day operations” The “true cost” of operations probably has not increased substantially, but the value of the US Dollar has decreased. Legislators and Executives in the Federal Government have worked tirelessly to insure that their holdings in foreign industries and currency will continue to grow their personal portfolios. It is much easier to invest in a Chinese steel mill and then regulate out of business any competitive US steel mills, than it is to provide incentive for a US steel mill to expand. INEL’s refocused emphasis way from Nuclear Power research and training towards the “environmental issues” was just ruse, the real goal was to shut down the U.S. Nuclear industry, all the while saying “This Administration is concerned about the environment and sustainable energy including, nuclear power.”