Sheriff Asks Cars to Stay Off Groomed Trails


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(BONNEVILLE COUNTY, ID)  —   The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office and Bonneville County Parks and Recreation would like to inform the public to NOT drive past the road closed signs on groomed snowmobile trails or in closed wildlife areas. Getting a vehicle stuck in the groomed trails creates a hazardous situation. Snowmobilers coming around a corner, striking a vehicle, or hitting a large rut and being thrown off the trail could be seriously hurt. The driver of the stuck vehicle would be liable for costs incurred.

There have been five recent cases of people driving past the road closed signs, breaking through the snow crust and getting stuck. No vehicles are allowed on the groomed trails at all. Deputies will cite under the State misdemeanor code that carries a $300. fine.

Bonneville County Parks and Recreation will use a Snow Groomer to get the vehicle out. They will charge and hourly rate of $100 an hour to retrieve the vehicle and to repair the trail.  No other vehicles will be allowed to go beyond the road closed sign to retrieve the stuck vehicle.

Please do not drive past the road closed signs. It could get very expensive between courts and recovery costs. The Sheriff’s Office will respond to assist getting the people out of that situation. They do not have the equipment to pull vehicles out from the groomed trails in manner that will not further damage the trails.

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