Arkansas Governor Vetoes Voter ID Bill


Ethan Miller/Getty Images(LITTLE ROCK, Ark.) — Republicans may still get the last laugh after Arkansas Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe vetoed a bill requiring voters to present photo identification during elections.

While GOP lawmakers said the legislation is intended to reduce voter fraud, Beebe argued that it was actually “an expensive solution in search of a problem.”

Since Republicans took over the Arkansas Legislature for the first time since the late 1880s, it’s more than likely they’ll override the veto with a simple majority.

GOP lawmakers throughout the country have attempted to enact similar bills that Democrats contend is a blatant attempt to marginalize their constituency, namely, young, old and minority voters.

Some states have passed voter ID laws while others, including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, are held up by court challenges.

At present, Arkansas voters are supposed to be asked by polls workers to show ID but can nonetheless cast ballots without proof of their identity.

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