Dying Horses Spark Outrage in Idaho Falls


4  Updated at 10:19 am, March 22nd, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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horse neglect

(IDAHO FALLS, ID) — A Bonneville County horse owner is under investigation for animal abuse and neglect.  Officials say the farm on 25th East is owned by Sharon Wilson. Images of several dead and dying horses were recently posted on Facebook by Cris Thomas, who says that Wilson is responsible for the neglect. The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the case through a joint operation with the Department of Agriculture. No formal charges have been filed. A state veterinarian is scheduled to examine the horses today


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  • Andi

    The county officials have known about this for years and years…before I sent them pictures back in 2008. I wonder why they have sat on it. I wonder who the owner knows. I wonder why those horses had to continue to suffer all this time.

  • I will remember this remedy next time my neighbor decides to neglect feeding his horses..I complained to everyone..no one cared here in Elko, NV…not horse rescue,.not animal control..not cops…its maddening!!! Post on FB for instant results…marvelous idea!!!

  • Passatlady

    Evil and indifference wears many many hats……every profession has its jerks. Until it is accepted by our society that animals feel pain, hunger, despair, loneliness, anger, heat and cold, and almost every other emotion humans feel…..we will always be fighting in their behalf. Until people instinctively do the right thing by their fellow man AND all God’s creatures…..the battle will go on for eternity. A deterrent might be for abusers of animals to suffer the same penalties that those of human crimes face….or better yet, be made to live in the same conditions of those they abuse, animals in particular. Barbaric??? I don’t think so. Sounds MORE than fair to ME……

  • patty

    I do not like seeing any type of neglect or abuse, but I know their are many well-meaning people who end up taking rescue horses with the intention of helping them only to find themselves in a financial quandry and then unable to sell or feed them, they are stuck!