Rep. King Says Marco Rubio Not Welcome to Raise Money in New York


United States Congress(NEW YORK) — Representative Peter King, a New York Republican, is furious that Florida Senator, and fellow Republican, Marco Rubio is hitting up New Yorkers for campaign cash after voting against federal funds to rebuild the region after superstorm Sandy ravaged the area.

In fact, King urged New Yorkers not to give money to any of his fellow Republicans who voted against the Sandy aid.

“Nobody on Wall Street, nobody in the financial services, nobody anywhere in New York should give a nickel to these guys,” he told ABC News.

Rubio voted against the $50.4 billion Sandy Relief aid package, but what really irks King is that Rubio is from Florida, a state that has been ravaged by storms in the past and according to King, “has gotten billions and billions of dollars in hurricane aid.”

Politico reported this week that the Florida senator who has been called the “Republican savior” is trying to lock down high dollar Wall Street donors ahead of a potential 2016 campaign.

“Over the years I’ve known so many politicians who almost make a career out of either criticizing New York or voting against New York, and then I find out they are all having fundraisers down on Wall Street or out in the Hamptons,” King said.

“[Sandy] is the worst natural disaster we have in the history of our state and region and he just arbitrarily voted no, and then to come in and ask for money… To me, if New York does this then we are just suckers,” King said.

The Republican congressman, who represents parts of New York City’s Long Island suburbs, said he hasn’t spoken to Rubio. King took a karmic view of the lack of communication, adding that Rubio “didn’t talk to me before voting against aid for New York.”

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