Biden Calls Marathon Bombers ‘Twisted Perverted Cowardly Knockoff Jihadis’


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Alex Wong/Getty Images(BOSTON) — Vice President Biden spoke at Wednesday’s memorial service for Sean Collier, the MIT police officer who was allegedly killed by the Boston Marathon bombers.

Biden told the crowd that terrorism was doomed to fail, and spoke of the resilience of Boston.

“On every frontier, terrorism as a weapon is losing, it is not gaining adherents,” he said.

Biden called the two suspects “twisted perverted cowardly knock off jihadis,” and stressed that they had not achieved their goals of instilling fear in Bostonians. “The purpose of terrorism is to instill fear. You saw none of it here in Boston. Boston, you sent a powerful message to the world.”

“Next year’s Boston Marathon will be bigger, more spectacular and attended by more people than any marathon in the history of the United States of America, cause that’s who you are,” the vice president said.

Biden honored the dead and injured, telling the crowd that his message “is embrace the memories of those beautiful people we lost in the bombing. Stand by and help and support the hundreds who were injured and honor… honor this hero, Sean.”

MIT Police Chief John DiFava also spoke, and said Collier was the same person in uniform as out of uniform.

“His caring and compassion was genuine without duplicity and because of this depth of character he was able to achieve a level of trust with people of all backgrounds that was truly remarkable,” DiFava said.

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