GOP Weekly Address: ‘We Will Stand Together for Boston’


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US Senate(WASHINGTON) — In this week’s Republican address, Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina asks Americans to join him in praying for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and their families.  

“The Boston Marathon bombing has left us all with a heavy heart and we pray for the victims and their families,” he says.  

But, Scott continues in the address, “while the perpetrators of this act of terror hoped that they could shake the confidence of a city, they have instead only strengthened the resolve of our nation.”  

Assuring Americans that the country’s leaders would do what is necessary to bring justice for the families and communities impacted, Scott sends a warning to anyone who would attack the U.S. or its citizens.

“…[T]here is no corner on Earth, no hiding place in America that will keep us from finding you,” he says, adding later, “Our freedom is our most precious possession — any effort to take it away will only strengthen our determination.”

The senator, like President Obama in his weekly address, also praises the efforts of the “amazing Americans,” who put themselves in harm’s way to help others this week.

“We are so thankful for these women and men, who on a daily basis sacrifice for our nation — they are our friends, our family, our neighbors,” he says.

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