Virgin America’s Secret to ‘Getting Lucky’ at 35,000 Feet


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Virgin America(NEW YORK) — Virgin America is introducing a new way for lonely travelers to find love. The airline’s flamboyant founder, Richard Branson, claims he has the answer for “getting lucky” at 35,000 feet: Have a drink delivered to the object of your affection’s seat.

No need for an awkward interaction trying to enlist the help of a flight attendant, either. Just use your seat back’s in-flight entertainment system.

Simply order a drink, meal or snack on the airline’s entertainment system, Red. Select his or her seat number for seat-to-seat delivery. Follow up, Branson suggests, with a “suggestive” comment using Red’s existing seat-to-seat chat feature.

Chances for “getting lucky?” Branson says that while he’s not a betting man, “your chances of deplaning with a plus-one are at least 50 percent.”

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