‘Topless’ Wallpaper Raising Money for Breast Cancer Research

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Photodisc/Thinkstock(LONDON) — A unique art project had women in the U.K. going topless for a good cause. 

While remaining anonymous, volunteers of all shapes and sizes, aged 19 to 82, agreed to their breasts being photographed to become a wallpaper pattern benefiting breast cancer research.

The Telegraph reports the “Boob Wallpaper” project was the brainchild of artist and wallpaper designer, Sam Pooley.  The 38-year-old set about collecting the photographs and superimposing a fancy pattern over them, before converting the image into the wall covering.

One volunteer, 51-year-old breast cancer survivor Helen Nicell, said she was nervous at first, “But then I saw ladies in their 70s [baring their chests] and thought I would be OK.  Breast cancer is something we are all very concerned about in our family.”

While most of the pictures were snapped in person, the “sisterhood” also extended via submissions on a dedicated Facebook page.

Pooley is now offering the wallpaper in 12 different colors, and is also selling smaller swatches that can be framed as artwork.

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