Pocatello High Girls’ Basketball Coach Fired


2  Updated at 1:50 pm, October 24th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(POCATELLO, ID) – The head coach of Pocatello High School’s varsity girls basketball team has been fired. In what District 25 officials described as a “personnel issue,” Laraine Cook was relieved of her responsibilities, though they declined to offer any details about her dismissal. The school is currently looking for a replacement. Cook had measured success as head coach of the Lady Indians over the past four years, including a third place finish at last season’s 4A state basketball championship.

  • Leigh F

    Why didn’t her boyfriend get fired, too? Sexism lives in Idaho. Not only are they both coaches, but he is grabbing her, apparently. Isn’t he the one performing the action? Please. I thought we were past the dark ages. How is this fair?

  • NFvoice

    She is an amazing coach and has a life outside of coaching…who doesn’t. Was it the best thing to post knowing it was public, no, but my goodness, he was only touching her clothed chest…get over it and let her coach!!! She is amazing.