Sec. of State John Kerry Joins Iran Talks in Geneva

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Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call(GENEVA) —  Secretary of State John Kerry left for Geneva on Friday to meet with his counterparts from Russia, Britain, France, Germany, and China, and Kerry says there’s still a chance the United States and its allies can hammer out a six-month agreement with Iran over its nuclear program.

But, the secretary wouldn’t say much when asked for details on the meetings. Kerry said, “We’re just having good conversation and working away.”

Iran’s foreign minister spoke out in Geneva Saturday as the U.S. and its allies work on the next step in their nuclear negotiations with the Islamic Republic.

Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif told reporters Iran will not give up its nuclear enrichment program.

“That is our red line, that any agreement should include the enrichment program for Iran… We will not accept anything else other than that. We have the right, as I said, the right needs to be respected. It’s an inalienable right,” Zarif said.

Details of the deal are being closely held, but diplomats said they cleared some of the biggest hurdles on Friday. 

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