Congressman Tom Reed Gives Emotional Speech on Sexual Assault


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Office of Rep. Tom Reed(WASHINGTON) — Republican Rep. Tom Reed of New York gave an emotional speech on the House floor on Friday, calling for an end to sexual assault and sharing a personal story from his niece.

“Within the last year, my family experienced firsthand the issues of sexual assault,” Reed said. “My beautiful niece, 18 years old, was raped…We saw that event impact a young life, our family in a way that I cannot express Mr. Speaker, and I come here today to say no more.”

The congressman spoke in support of the “No More” campaign, a movement fighting  sexual assault and domestic violence. Organizations such as Break The Cycle and Men Can Stop Rape help in the campaign, along with dozens of other groups.

Reed explained he had asked his niece what she would say if able to address the U.S. House of Representatives on the issue: “No more because there are no excuses.”

The “No More” movement is represented by a symbol with a “signature blue vanishing point” meant to signify the concept of zero, eradicating instances of violence against people of all genders, ethnicities and age groups.

Reed called on members of the House to discuss the campaign with family members to raise awareness.

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