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Locals kick and scream on BattleBall field

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REXBURG — Running around in a large inflatable bouncy ball may seem like hamster play, but Battleball in Rexburg makes this sport a reality. Locals come in groups to play indoor soccer while being encased in a plastic bubble.

“If you’re looking for a cardio workout, this is your thing,” participant Carina Eberle said.

Wearing the giant beach ball is like putting on a backpack with plastic walls. Straps on the inside go over the shoulder, and two inflatable handle bars sit in front of the chest to aid in navigation. The top and bottom of the outfit is uncovered to leave space for your head and legs.

“I wasn’t claustrophobic. I don’t think anybody else was either, (and) you can see pretty well,” participant Jacob Packham said.

Playing Battleball isn’t for the faint of heart, as players can be aggressively knocked over at any time. The plastic outside serves as a suitable barrier, but players generally play rough to get the full effect.

The main game played on the indoor field is soccer, but participants are welcome to play anything they can think of. Groups have gotten creative with games like sharks and minnows, protect the president, and even bowling.

Owner Christian Abbott said most groups don’t usually make it through a round of their chosen game.

“Most of the groups we have come start playing soccer, then they end up just hitting each other,” Abbott said.

Anyone is welcome to join in the sport. Kids as young as 6 years old up to senior citizens have played on the AstroTurf.

“Make sure you bring Band Aids because it’s a rough game, but just be prepared to have lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of pushing,” Eberle said. “Just come with a good attitude, and it’s going to be so worth it.”