East Idaho Eats: Redd’s Grill has gourmet burgers for a good cause

East Idaho Eats

REXBURG — A locally-owned food trailer has spent the last four years offering gourmet burgers at events across east Idaho.

But now owners David and Tara Rail have made the switch from a mobile kitchen to a permanent spot. They recently opened the doors to their new restaurant at the Teton Lakes Golf Course — Redd’s Grill.

“Every time we were at a larger event, people would ask us where our restaurant is, and we’d have to say well it’s inside the trailer,” David Rail said. “We’ve started with a small menu and it’s just grown over the years. From burgers, hot dogs, chicken, (to) fish and chips. We’ve done all kinds of stuff like that.”

Rail said their speciality is making a delicious good burger. Rail puts the burgers through a process to keep the meat extra juicy and flavorful.

“Our menu is more than just a burger, it’s a gourmet burger,” he said.

Instead of having raw onion rings placed inside your burger, Rail has a unique way of cutting the onion to keep the focus on the meat.

“We use onion strings instead of an onion ring,” Rail said.


The good neighbor burger with onion strings. A portion of the sales from this burger goes to a non-profit organization.

Cooks chop the onion into fine strands and fry them to a crisp before placing them inside the bun.

“The burger was excellent,” customer Terry Rodino said. “On the burger it wasn’t onion rings. It had the onion taste, (and) it was crispy.”

One of the specialty burgers offered is a called the Good Neighbor Burger.

“We have a barbecue burger we call it the Good Neighbor Burger, because every time one is purchased we donate a dollar to a non-profit that we’ve selected,” Rail said.

Another tasty eat is the steak and everything hoagie. It has fried veggies, juicy steak and is topped with provolone cheese.

“I really liked it. There was a good ratio of steak to the veggies with the onions and the peppers. (It was) nice and buttery, rich, it was very good,” customer Ina Rodino said.


Ina Rodino enjoying the steak and everything hoagie

Redd’s Grill offers scrumptious homestyle sides like crispy onion rings, seasoned fries, and mozzarella sticks. The owners are working on the creation of a new side to add to their menu.

“We’re working on a side right now that has steak and mozzarella and avocado rolled up into a little tasty nugget,” Rail said.

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