Delivery services working right up to Christmas Day


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Nichole Stanford,

REXBURG — Having packages delivered right to your door has become a huge part of holiday shopping.

With retailers like Amazon and Walmart offering free shipping, many shoppers in eastern Idaho are taking advantage of online shopping.

That is where Leon Moser and his big white FedEx truck comes into play.

Moser is a FedEx contractor, who operates six routes in the Upper Valley. During the holiday season, each of his drivers routinely makes between 70 to 100 stops, delivering more than 200 packages a day.

“Terminal wide, we are delivering 3,800 to 4,000 packages a day,” Moser said.

Working 12 to 13 hours a day has kept Moser’s routes caught up this year, but he is looking forward to getting a little bit of a break on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The drivers who deliver the express packages won’t be so lucky.

“The business routes are starting to slow down a little right now, but the express drivers packages are just starting to pick up from all of the last minute shoppers” Moser said.

“This time of year we get to bring the good stuff. We deliver the packages and people are excited to see us,” Moser said.

Moser has worked for more than 25 years delivering packages and has been amazed at the growth in his business the last few years. What would have taken one truck all the deliveries when he started, is now equivalent to three full-time routes year-round.

And it isn’t just packages anymore. With the ability for people to buy groceries on line, Moser said they deliver just about anything.

“We deliver to some people almost daily and some at least weekly. Some people are addicted to Amazon and others order their groceries and have them delivered through us,” Moser said. “We get to be good friends with most of our customers.”

Moser did give a little bit of advice to ensure your packages arrive on time.

“Make sure your house number is visible on the outside of your house, and if your house is black, don’t use black letters. Also order early. Everyone knows that we get hammered this time of year, so planning ahead helps,” Moser said. “And if we do make a mistake, call the customer service hotline. They will call us and we can usually figure out what happened, if we mixed up some numbers and just delivered it by accident to the wrong house.”