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Wolf escapes from Yellowstone Bear World and is killed by owner

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REXBURG — A wolf escaped from an enclosure at Yellowstone Bear World and was later killed Saturday morning, Idaho Fish and Game officials said.

Regional Conservation Officer Doug Petersen said the animal escaped the enclosure south of Rexburg sometime before 7:30 a.m. It is unclear how the animal escaped the enclosure.

Courtney Ferguson, who owns Yellowstone Bear World, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Petersen said Ferguson noticed the missing animal and reported it to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game immediately. He then tracked it down.

“He reported the missing wolf and then he proceeded to take care of his own problem, and he called us again when he had killed the wolf,” Peterson said. “The wolf was only out for an hour and half. He took care of the situation in a fairly rapid manner.”

The escape resulted in a significant number of concerned citizens after an alleged photo of the wolf was posted on social media. Several residents told EastIdahoNews.com they were concerned about their safety.

“This wolf escaped and was in an area where … young kids live and over 100 people,” local resident Kelly Jenkins told EastIdahoNews.com. “There was a danger to our community, yet nobody was notified about it until after the fact!”

Local law enforcement said the wolf didn’t hurt anyone.

Fish and Game officers didn’t respond to the scene, due to the short amount of time the animal has escaped.

“By the time we got the message, it was over,” Petersen said. “(Ferguson) was really cooperative and took care of his own issue.”


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