YouTube star Shay Carl of Pocatello says he won’t be on internet after scandal


8  Updated at 12:39 pm, February 14th, 2017 By: Idaho State Journal staff
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Shay Carl | Gabe Skidmore, for the Journal

POCATELLO — YouTube celebrity Shay Carl recently posted on his Twitter account that he will be entering rehabilitation for alcoholism and he will not be on the internet for the foreseeable future.

Carl’s Tweet was posted on Sunday. The next day a story ran on an international news website about Carl allegedly exchanging sexual messages with an adult webcam model.

Carl, whose real name is Shay Butler, said on Twitter that the reason he has not been uploading video blogs recently is due to his addiction to alcohol. Though the 36-year-old admitted to quitting alcohol in the past, he said on his official Twitter page that he started drinking again three months ago.

“I have struggled with alcoholism for years,” Carl’s Twitter post read. “I thought I was able to escape addiction & it’s associated demons, but that disease has manifested itself back into my life (due to my decisions) because it is a life long disease.”

Carl, who grew up in and resides in Pocatello, is famous for his various YouTube channels. His main channel, titled SHAYTARDS, has almost 5 million subscribers and regularly includes videos featuring himself, his wife and their five children.

In Sunday’s Twitter post, he mentions his family as a motivating force in his decision to seek help.

“I am not making excuses,” Carl stated on Twitter. “I have a problem. This problem has hurt the ones I love most because I delayed the decision to get help. My wife, friends and family are by my side. My purpose is to rehab. It’s my only priority. I will not be on the internet.”

It is unclear for how long Carl plans to stay off the internet or whether he will continue with SHAYTARDS or his other YouTube channels at some point in the future.

Carl’s Tweet about his alcohol addiction was posted Sunday, and on Monday the International Business Times, an online news website visited by 40 million people each month, ran a story about Carl allegedly exchanging sexual messages through Twitter with an adult webcam model named Aria Nina.

On Sunday, Nina posted pictures of the explicit messages she claims were from Carl.

The Journal was unable to get a hold of Carl for comment.

Carl was most recently in the news late last year when he purchased the Pebble Creek Ski Area near Inkom.

Carl said via Twitter on Sunday: “I’ve been lying to myself. My heart is sick. It’s been impossible to keep up this perfect ‘happiness is a choice’ mentality. I can’t do it anymore.”

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  • GossipCo

    You can’t blame having an affair on alcohol. What an idiot.

    Read the DM’s he wrote to the girl. He was fully engaged (pun intended) with the emotions and feelings he was expressing to that girl.

    He isn’t sorry, he’s only sorry he got caught.

    Had he owned up to this before the cam girl put him on blast, that would be taking ownership. Not blaming alcohol for your misdeed in this situation.

    And for clarity purposes, I know alcohol is a disease, but in this instance it’s an excuse and because of that, Shay Carl Butler has been called out by the first of probably many unforgivable indiscretions.

    • Ivy

      He didn’t blame it on alcohol. In fact, he didn’t even mention it. So where do you get the idea that he is using alcohol as an excuse for anything? The only thing he said is that he relapsed and started drinking again a few months ago. He also said he’s made some bad decisions. He never blamed the decisions on the alcohol nor specified any mistakes… you are the one assuming things here.

      • 4fus1on

        Look at the time lines, why would he be so precise and say three months ago, exactly the same time he started up with the Cam girl. She must have threatened him with a timeline for money otherwise she was going to call him out if he didn’t comply, thus why he decided on Sunday to give his speech and blame it on the alcohol. I also find it strange that on Aria’s twitter account she mentions a couple days before this all hit that she was waiting for 100K to be deposited in her paypal account??? She demanded money and he didn’t comply. He’s trying now to save his marriage and what other option would he have accept to try to use alcohol as his excuse.

        • Ivy

          She also admitted on Twitter the other day that she chases married men. She has zero shame. Seems to me her motives are more than obvious. I’m not excusing what HE did…but she’s no innocent here… what I find weird is that she published some of the texts…but she hasn’t published the ‘rude’ messages she claims he sent that made her angry. Maybe it’s just me…but I think he refused to give in to her blackmail and she got angry and published the texts to get back at him. That sounds rather illegal to me.

          • nilbud

            She’s a camwhore, she’s just doing what she does. You mentally defective types always try to turn these things into some kind of mentally deficient competition of some kind. Your stupid delusions are irrelevant.

  • Layton Harman
  • PeterMcPumpkinPhD

    The guy Is Mentally Shay Tarded

  • erik

    Now we just need to wait a few years for his daughters to make porn.. That would be really nice.