Idaho Falls Raceway goes off-road as expanded trails open to public


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Photos: Myles Primm,

IDAHO FALLS — For most off-road enthusiasts, bigger is better.

Now that wish has been granted in Idaho Falls.

The Idaho Falls Raceway expansion trail officially opened with a ribbon cutting Friday morning.

Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper addressed local business owners, trail riders and other city and state officials before strapping herself into a side-by-side herself to test out the new trail.

Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper enjoys a ride on the new trails. | Myles Primm,

The site offers more than seven miles of new trails on 400 acres of land. Funding for the new trail comes from a public-private partnership, grant money and some local businesses.

The idea to create the trail stemmed from concerns among property owners and local law enforcement regarding people riding off-road vehicles on private property and causing damage. The Idaho Falls Trail Machine Association worked to collaborate with the city of Idaho Falls to create a legal, safe and enjoyable area for the Off-Highway Vehicle community.

The Idaho Falls Trail Machine Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and development of motorized and non-motorized trail systems. They met with the Parks & Recreation Department of Idaho Falls to discuss the long-term plan and the potential for off-road trails at the Idaho Falls Raceway at Noise Park, a city-owned facility.

Phase I was paid for by a $24,358 grant awarded to the city in 2015 from the Recreational Trails Program as well as matched city funds of $6,090.

“Our club feels that this area would provide a safe, controlled environment for families and patrons of Idaho Falls to enjoy riding at a facility that is close to home,” said Alvin Edwards, president of the Idaho Falls Trail Machine Association. “This area could also be used by our club and others to educate young riders on the proper etiquette and safety procedures for riding OHVs,” added Edwards.

The on-site caregiver at Idaho Falls Raceway is responsible for general maintenance and operation of the facility. IFTMA will maintain the facility trails as an ongoing volunteer project, which includes the maintenance of more than 400 miles of other off-road trails around the region.

The Idaho Falls Raceway is located at 8433 W Arco Hwy, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.