Idaho to Receive $438,000 in Settlement with drugmaker Mylan over EpiPen


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BOISE — Idaho will receive approximately $483,000 from EpiPen maker Mylan as part of a federal and multi-state settlement, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced Friday.

The settlement resolves allegations Mylan had been overbilling Medicaid programs for the emergency allergy injectors for nearly eight years, according to a news release. Mylan is said to have paid Medicaid too-low rebates for the devices by classifying its brand-name product as a generic, which requires lower rebates.

In order for a drug to be covered by Medicaid, by law pharmaceutical manufacturers agree to rebate a portion of the cost of the drugs given to Medicaid beneficiaries. The companies must also report the lowest price for which it sold a covered drug in a particular quarter, according to a news release.

This marks the second settlement between the U.S. Department of Justice and Mylan since 2009 for allegedly overcharging the government, according to the Associated Press.