Agfest celebrates agriculture in eastern Idaho

Idaho Falls

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Nichole Stanford,

IDAHO FALLS — With harvest winding down and a chill in the air, the second annual Idaho Agfest was held at the Pinecrest Event Center in Idaho Falls as a celebration and thank for those who work in the agriculture industry.

Organizers Carl and Linda Taylor, knowing that agriculture impacts the lives of 100 percent of the people in eastern Idaho, decided it was time to say a big thank you.

“We wanted to show an appreciation for those in the industry that probably haven’t gotten the credit they deserve as they help make their ag business successful. The purpose isn’t just to thank them, but to give them some value that will help enrich their lives and their families lives,” Taylor said.

The Taylors went to many of the corporations that deal with this industry and the support was instant.

“We just went to a lot of the ag related businesses to help sponsor the event. All those that deal with fuel fertilizer, tractors, or farm vehicles. They have all been very willing to help sponsor it. It includes all parts of ag processing, ranching, dairy, all different parts,” Taylor said.

The event center was filled with booths of all different types, providing information about things like healthcare, child services, banks and education. The Community Council of Idaho, an agency that offers services and educational resources to help people get GED’s or college tuition, was at the event.

Community members enjoy a fun filled afternoon of games, entertainment, education, and food as a festival is held as a huge thank you to the agricultural community. | Nichole Stanford,

“We were part of Agfest last year. The people who are going to be coming to this event are the people who can directly benefit from what we offer,” council spokeswoman Liliana Olizas said as she worked the booth. “Anything we can do to help the agricultural sector, we will do. It’s a great opportunity for people to understand all of those services are available and it’s here for them to take advantage of it.”

Nichole Phillips, Jared Johnson, and toddler Kennedy were at the Agfest for the first time. Phillips works at Threshers Artisan Wheat in Newdale and was curious to see what the event was about and what they had to offer.

“I think farmers could use more support. It’s been a learning experience for me to experience the life of a farmer and and to see how it works from the grain side of things. I’m impressed at how many people are here,” Phillips said.

She and Johnson were enjoying the kids area with Kennedy who loved the fishing booth. There were multiple jump houses and many other carnival style kid games, all for free.

Nichole Stanford,

“It’s great that they have all of the booths for the adults but they also have this kid area and this is great,” Johnson said.

So whether you were there to take advantage of the free French fries, raffle or lunch from a few local food trucks, or booths full of information helpful to everyday life, Agfest was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and a great way to say thank you to a huge industry in eastern Idaho.

“I hope that people can stop by next year because hopefully this will be an ongoing thing. Every single one of these booths are services that can benefit them. As far as for us, if they have any questions, they can get in touch with us and if we can’t help them, we will find an organization that can,” Olizas said.