Diesel Brothers film in Blackfoot


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BLACKFOOT – Heavy D, Diesel Dave, The Muscle and Red Beard aren’t names for your next Halloween costume. The four TV stars, collectively known as the Diesel Brothers, traveled to southeast Idaho to film for one of their latest episodes.

“We love Idaho. We appreciate everybody up here in Idaho,” Heavy D says.

Heavy D and his crew are a part of Discovery Channel’s hit show “Diesel Brothers.” It features their site DieselSellerz, the cast building luxury trucks and doing crazy shenanigans.

“When people start watching it, they realize it’s a show about life and a bunch of guys and our families, and us trying to live the American dream,” Heavy D told EastIdahoNews.com.

For this episode, the brothers are trying a new challenge. It involves snowmobiles and a lake.

“We’re going snowmobiling. Idaho’s got the best snow on earth and it also has the best lakes on earth. We’re getting ready to ride snowmobiles across Jensen Grove,” Heavy D says.

Members of the public came out to watch the episode be filmed Monday to see if the guys could make it across the Jensen Grove Park Pond on snowmobiles without sinking.

“It’s a race to see who doesn’t go in the water,” Heavy D says.

“We’re trying to get the jump on everybody else because that water will soon be snow and ice,” Diesel Dave says.

City officials say the brothers’ visit is putting Blackfoot in the spotlight.

“This is a chance to highlight Blackfoot and some of the things we have. Jensen Grove is unique. The lake is unique to the City of Blackfoot. So it is something we can be proud of, we can share with others,” City Council President Christopher Jensen says.

The episode filmed in at Jensen Grove is set to air at the end of season three.

“This will be the last episode, and it’s actually going to be what’s called a clip show. It’s a special episode that shows some of the uncut footage and some of the deleted scenes from all of our previous episodes,” Heavy D says.


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