Local man accused of lewd conduct with teenage girl

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Arick Levacy-Sabin | Bonneville County Jail

AMMON — A local man is charged with lewd conduct with a minor after he allegedly had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl.

An arrest warrant for Arick Levacy-Sabin, 28, was issued Aug. 7, 2017, after he allegedly convinced the teenager to perform a sex act on him in July 2016.

According to court documents, Levacy-Sabin and the victim were alone on July 3, 2016 preparing for a company party. Sabin allegedly told the victim about being sexually frustrated and bragged about having intercourse with multiple women.

After the two talked, Levacy-Sabin allegedly asked if the victim wanted to perform oral sex on him. Court documents indicate the victim didn’t respond to the request immediately and Levacy-Sabin walked away.

Levacy-Sabin returned and allegedly asked the victim again if she would perform oral sex on him. Documents state the victim “didn’t know what to say” so she responded that she would.

After the sex act was complete, Levacy-Sabin reportedly told the victim not to tell anyone what had happened and complimented her on her looks.

Court documents show four months later, on Oct. 30, 2016, police responded to a call from the victim’s father. When authorities arrived at the victim’s home, they learned of the alleged sexual contact Levacy-Sabin had with the victim. Authorities requested the victim call Levacy-Sabin and confront him about the sexual encounter.

After multiple attempts to contact Levacy-Sabin, he allegedly drove to the victim’s home wanting to talk to her face to face. She told him she did not want to see him and a conversation then took place over phone.

During the call, court documents state the victim repeatedly requested that Levacy-Sabin apologize for what had allegedly happened. Levacy-Sabin said multiple times he promised to never do anything like that, according to documents, but he did not offer an apology.

“I would have no problem saying that this would not ever happen, but this did not happen,” Levacy-Sabin said.

Levacy-Sabin pleaded not guilty to the charge and is scheduled to appear in court Jan. 30.

If convicted of the crime, Levacy-Sabin could serve life in prison and be ordered to pay a $50,000 fine plus restitution.