Small Business Spotlight: Dr. Vinyl of East Idaho

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IDAHO FALLS – One of the more common procedures you see in clinics and operating rooms are doctors stitching wounds together.

At one local company they do the same thing — except their patients are cars, not people. Meet Lincoln Poore. He is not a doctor, but he is the manager of a local car detailing business called Dr. Vinyl.

“The owner has been in business for over 30 years. His grandfather started it back in Missouri, where he (the owner) currently lives,” Poore says. “I’ve been friends with him for a while. He knew I was looking for a job. He started the business (here) with the idea of me being the manager, so that was the beginning of Dr. Vinyl in Idaho.”

Dr. Vinyl began in east Idaho nearly 2 years ago. The Dr. Vinyl franchise is a mobile operation. With a van full of tools and supplies, they make their repairs entirely on site.

“That’s what is appealing (about) it,” says Poore. “Our motto is ‘saves time and money.’ We bring everything to you. We do everything on site in about an hour or less.”

Dr. Vinyl provides furniture and automotive reconditioning. They fix tears or just about any other type of damage on vinyl, leather or fabric.

“Anything on the inside of a car usually can be worked with. We also do windshield chip repairs, wheel repairs and headlight restorations,” Poore explains.

The majority of their customers are car dealers, like Elite Auto Sales.

“First impressions have a lot to do with a sale,” Dallin Johnson, Elite Auto Car Saleman tells “When a customer opens the door, it presents an idea of what the rest of the vehicle is like. (Dr. Vinyl) definitely helps us sell vehicles.”

Since opening for business in Idaho, Poore says Dr. Vinyl has become a profitable venture with its own rewards.

“The most rewarding aspect of this job is not only making a decent living, but also providing a good service. When I come into a dealership or a customer’s home and I’m able to please and put a smile on their face because of what we do and the price we do it for, that’s the most satisfying part of this job for me.”

Poore says quality work, consistency and great customer service are important, but he says he takes pride in maintaining a reputation of honesty and integrity.

“We’re looking to expand pretty soon in Pocatello and Twin Falls. Eventually we would love to cover the entire state of Idaho, and even northern Utah and parts of western Wyoming. So we plan on making it a widespread operation.”

Contact Dr. Vinyl of East Idaho at (208) 971-2943 or visit them on Facebook here.


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