Snake River School District proposing increased levy amount


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BLACKFOOT – A $750,000 plant facilities levy is up for renewal in the Snake River School District 52 this month.

The 10-year levy will allow the district to perform needed maintenance on the school and the district buildings, officials said.

Superintendent David Kerns says this levy adds $250,000 than in previous years to help pay for a new septic system at Snake River Junior High School.

“Our drain field at our junior high failed,” Kerns tells “The Department of Environmental Quality is not allowing us to build a new one. So we (are proposing) to build a pumping system into Blackfoot.”

Chris Nelson, the district’s director of finance, says this levy will increase the tax levy rate for property owners within District 52.

According to Kerns, the tax levy rate will increase to $69.15 per $100,000 of property value.

Between $600,000 and $650,000 of the levy amount will be used for maintenance, Kerns says. The remainder will be used to make payments on the septic system.

District 52 patrons can vote on the proposed levy Nov. 7. Here is a look at how the measure will appear on the ballot: