‘Sushi Bandit’ captured after attempting another dine and dash


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Trevor Bello

POCATELLO — The alleged “Sushi Bandit” strikes again, but this time, a waitress at Chang’s Garden in Pocatello is responsible for tipping off police, leading to his capture.

Trevor Bello went into the Chang’s Garden Restaurant on Hiline Road Friday afternoon.

Andrea Nolan-Taylor waited on Bello.

She said that when he started to order food, she remembered what happened last week at Sumisu Sushi and Asian Fusion Restaurant and that he fit the description of the person who ran out on a $126 meal.

Police were called and according to the staff at the restaurant, the suspect exited through the back door without paying for his meal.

A passing Bannock County Sheriffs deputy was able to detain Bello and transport him to a county holding cell.

Pocatello Police cited Bello with petit theft.

This article was originally published by KPVI. It is used here with permission.