Utah woman sues bagel shop for contaminated tea


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LAYTON, Utah – A Utah woman is suing one restaurant in a popular chain after she said she got some bad tea.

She says chemicals in the tea resulted in two surgeries and left her in lasting pain.

Last July, Selina Beilstein and her daughter were eating at Einstein’s Bagels in Layton.

Beilstein says she poured herself a cup of tea that she says tasted “tainted.”

She asked her daughter to taste it.

Moments later, Beilstein claims the two became instantly and violently ill.

Both began vomiting. They had burning in their throats.

Beilstein says she developed hives and a rash.

Both of them were rushed to the doctor.

Beilstein claims the restaurant had used an industrial cleaner on the tea dispenser called Urnex.

The lawsuit claims the restaurant employees failed to rinse all of the chemical out of the dispenser.

Beilstein says they have not been the same since that sip of tea.

She says she suffers from Esophagitis, Acid Reflex and Gerd.

She has had two surgeries and she says she is still in constant pain.