FORSGREN: 6 tips for harmonious Christmas caroling

The Art of Nerding Out

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Music spreads the Christmas spirit in an infectious way few things can. And gathering friends and loved ones to go door to door to sing holiday songs is one of the most enjoyable ways to spread Christmas cheer.

But pulling together a fun and successful caroling outing takes more than figgy pudding. Here are six quick tips for making your caroling successful.

1. Bundle up, but be presentable

Bundle up? In the freezing cold of an Idaho winter? Obviously.

But the key is in the second half of this tip. Look as nice as possible. Nobody wants to open the door to a bunch of people who look they just rolled out of bed and onto their doorstep. Try to dress up as nicely as the elements will allow.

2. Know your music

Unless you’re going out with your church choir or something similar, you’re probably going out with people who don’t sing a lot in public, and that can cause stress. Relieve some of that stress by sticking to popular songs everybody knows, so that remembering unfamiliar material doesn’t cause memory issues. And it may not hurt to print off some lyrics sheets. You know, just in case.

3. Choose neighborhoods where you’re known

There’s a chance you may run across a humbug or two who doesn’t appreciate what you’re doing. Chances of being quickly forgiven go up if said humbug knows you. Further, if you know the neighborhood you’re caroling in, you probably know which homes don’t appreciate these kinds of visits, so you can bypass them.

4. It’s dangerous to go alone. Take some light with you

Even well-lit streets can become difficult to safely navigate on a dark December night in Idaho. Make sure to bring flashlights or candles with you so you have enough light to see where you’re going.

(And please don’t go caroling by yourself.)

5. Offer more than music

A caroling outing is the perfect opportunity to take gifts to friends and neighbors. You can leave cookies, fruitcake, or other goodies with people you sing for, eliminating the need for separate singing and gifting outings. Plus, it’s pretty much proven that the Christmas spirit is twice as potent when food is involved.

6. Remember the liquid warmth

Your fellow carolers are going to get pretty chilled frolicking about in the Christmas cold, so be sure you have plenty of hot cider, cocoa or whatever your favorite season libation is on hand. Fill Thermoses with the stuff so you can pack it around with you. A post-caroling drink will also give you a chance to draw together with your fellow carolers as you relive the experience together.

Hopefully, those tips will help you bring together a wonderful Christmas caroling outing that will fill the air music and many hearts with cheer!