Local church helps others with free food

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Courtesy Michael Socrates

IDAHO FALLS – For the last four years, Pastor Jay Spangenberg with New Life Church in Idaho Falls has been on a mission to bless the people of Idaho Falls.

One way he does that is by partnering with a food bank to give away a semi-truck load full of food.

Last week, he went live on Facebook to inform people about a shipment of 52 pallets of cupcakes that was up for grabs to anyone until it was gone.

Within four hours of the announcement, every single cupcake had been given away, which totaled two cases per family – or 144 cupcakes.

Michael Socrates

“You’ll probably see a lot more of this,” says Spangenberg.

Andrew Olson is the worship and youth pastor at New Life Church. He says it is a blessing to be a part of these drives to see how it impacts people.

“What greater way to show people love than to give them free food,” Olson says. “I know of a few families attending our church now who were in a time of need. They were able to get some free food. Now they’re here helping to pass stuff out.”

The food is rescued and donated to New Life Church. Rescued means the food bank had too much of it. The amount of food given to New Life Church has been increasing lately because they recently acquired their own semi truck.

“Sometimes I don’t know a load is coming until the day of,” Spangenberg says. “We might not get a phone call until the day before. We don’t announce it until it gets here and we can see it.”

Spangenberg tells EastIdahoNews.com they are getting ready for another drive in January.

“We have an opportunity to help people in the community, and we’re taking it.”

There are gas and maintenance costs associated with these drives. Spangenberg says Les Schwab and other businesses have provided tires and maintenance repairs. He says they are always looking for sponsors and volunteers to allow them to continue to host these food drives.

Dates have not been announced for the next food drive. They will announce when it will be through their Facebook page. New Life Church is an Assembly of God ministry located at 2170 12th street in Idaho Falls.