Two suspects injured during incident that involved high-speed chase

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POCATELLO — Police opened fire and engaged suspects in a high-speed chase early Thursday evening that began in Chubbuck and ended in Pocatello.

Bannock County Sheriff Lorin Nielsen said two suspects in the vehicle that was chased were injured during the incident. The sheriff said he believes the suspects — Terrence Griggs, 27, of Pocatello, and Stacy Carter, 21, of Chubbuck — were shot and wounded by Pocatello police. The sheriff said he does not yet know if any of the suspects shot at police.

Pocatello police did not provide much information on the incident Thursday night and referred future questions to Idaho State Police, who have been called in to lead the investigation.

Both Carter and Griggs were taken into police custody following the chase and were transported to the hospital via ambulances. They were treated at Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello and then booked into Bannock County Jail late Thursday night. Authorities have not yet said at which point Griggs and Carter suffered their injuries during the incident but those injuries were apparently minor. What exactly Carter and Griggs will be charged with will likely be announced Today.

A third adult who was in the suspects’ car jumped from the vehicle during the chase and is currently being sought by police. She is described as an adult female between the ages of 20 and 30, dressed in all black.

Nielsen confirmed that Pocatello police twice opened fire during the incident. They first opened fire when the incident began around 4:50 p.m. Thursday outside the Chubbuck McDonald’s restaurant on Yellowstone Avenue near the Walmart store, the sheriff said.

Nielsen said he does not know what prompted that gunfire but both Griggs and Carter had outstanding warrants for their arrest. Pocatello police confirmed that they were at the McDonald’s to attempt to arrest one of the car’s occupants on warrants.

After Pocatello police opened fire, Carter, Griggs and the third suspect left the McDonald’s parking lot in the car with police in pursuit, Nielsen said. The ensuing high-speed chase entered Pocatello and traversed several streets.

In the 300 block of West Griffith Road police used spike strips to puncture the car’s tires. Nielsen said police opened fire on the car at this point, possibly because they felt the car was going to hit them.

When the chase continued onto Wilson Avenue, the third suspect jumped from the car and fled. Pocatello police said the woman might have suffered injuries when she jumped out of the car and some of her clothing might be torn.

As of 10 p.m. Thursday police were still searching for her. If you spot the woman, do not approach her but contact Pocatello police immediately at 208-234-6100.

The chase ended around 5:20 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of Highway 30, North Main Street and Hawthorne Road when a pursuing police car intentionally nudged the rear of the suspects’ car, causing the car to spin out and come to a halt, Nielsen said.

The car had been driving on its rims after its tires had been spiked and those rims were so hot that by the time the chase ended the car actually caught fire. Pocatello firefighters responded and extinguished the flames but the car suffered heavy fire damage.