FITNESS FRIDAY: Simple upper-body workouts to try at the gym or at home

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Fitness Friday is a four-part series, that will run through January.

RIGBY — On this week’s Fitness Friday we are demonstrating three simple upper-body workouts great for your arms, back and shoulders.

Reporter Natalia Hepworth, and fitness trainer Jon Hemsley with The Alley in Rigby will be demonstrating easy exercises you can do from the gym or in the comfort of your home. These exercises are perfect if you’re new to the gym or have limited time in your day.

Exercises featured are written in The Alley’s Lady’s Squad and Boot Camp fitness programs.

Watch the video above for a demonstration.

WEEK TWO: Upper-body workouts

1: Curl to press

2: Around the world

3: T-bar row

An advanced version of the workouts is included in the video demonstrated by Alley gym member Melissa Bell.

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