It’s been a month. Here’s how well we’ve kept our personal health goals.

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Well, it’s been just over a month since many of us on the team publicly announced that we were committing to live healthier this year.

Several of us made goals to improve our lives and we asked you, our wonderful users, to hold us accountable. More importantly, we want to hear from you and do what we can to encourage you in keeping your resolutions.

On Jan. 17, we posted a story announcing our goals. Here’s an update on how we’re doing.


​My 2018 goal is to kick the carb addiction I developed over the holidays! No more chocolate for me! I’m hoping, at the same time, to lose the 5 to 10 Christmas pounds I was “gifted.”

I’M COMMITTING … to not eat any chocolate and lose 10 pounds by April 15.

THE UPDATE: The only chocolate I’ve eaten (if you can even call it that) is 100%, UNSWEETENED Cacao (dark chocolate on steroids) mixed into a Keto fat bomb cookie.

Oops, AND (total accountability here), one Lindor truffle – totally without thought! It just slipped.

I’m down 5 pounds and feel really good.


My overall goal for 2018 is to lose 70 pounds by Oct. 6. As part of reaching that goal, I have started a diet. I have already begun by cutting out soda and fruit juices from my diet. I plan to cut out all sweets including pastries next. By April 15, I will have cut out all sweets.

I’M COMMITTING … to cut out all sweets (including baked goods) and lose 20 pounds by April 15.

THE UPDATE: I haven’t lost as much as I had hoped but I’m down around 5-7 pounds. I had a Mt. Dew at a Superbowl party, but other than that I have not had any soda or sugary drinks.


A few years ago I ran five to six times a week and completed two marathons. I realized I needed to do something this year after a viewer came up to me at Home Depot and said, “Wow, you’ve gotten fat!” I’m watching my calories, eating less, drinking less soda and want to run a lot more.

I’M COMMITTING … to run 4-5 times a week and lose 15 pounds by April 15.

UPDATE: I have run 5-6 times a week for 40-60 minutes on the treadmill and have lost 8 pounds since mid-January. I’m eating less and sleeping better (when my kids let me).


I’M COMMITTING … to complete a 90-day workout program by April 15.

UPDATE:I have missed one day on the workout program but am on track to completing my goal.


In 2018 I would like to reduce my current body fat by 37 percent with an 11 percent reduction in weight. While training for three long run races this year, I would like to be at 300 miles by April 15.

I’M COMMITTING … to measure 15 percent body fat, weigh 190 pounds and have run 300 miles by April 15.

UPDATE: I am currently on pace with 169.6 miles and have lost 18 pounds. I am not sure what the body fat percentage is at this time.


I’M COMMITTING … to box 5-6 days a week and lose 25 pounds by April 15.

UPDATE:I have been boxing although I haven’t been able to do it 5-6 days a week because of health issues. I’m on track to lose 25 pounds by April 15.


I’M COMMITTING … to run a 10K by April 15 and a half-marathon in July.

UPDATE: I can run 1-2 miles on a treadmill and have been regularly exercising.


I’M COMMITTING…to walk every day during my lunch break, do strength exercises four times a week and lose 10 pounds by April 15.

UPDATE:I use an app to do simple strength training (pushups, crunches, etc.). I got off the wagon a week or two ago and need to start again. I started to notice a difference in my arms and belly. I have also walked during my lunch break.