Idaho man arrested after alleged sex abuse of 14-year-old Utah girl

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah — An Idaho man was arrested Thursday after police say he admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl while he lived in Utah County.

Braden Roberts, 22, was booked in the Utah County Jail on Thursday, according to a jail report, for investigation of two counts each of forcible sexual abuse; object rape; unlawful sexual activity with a minor; lewdness; enticing, soliciting, seducing or luring a minor by internet or text; and dealing in materials that are harmful to a minor.

The alleged abuses took place when Roberts was living with the girl and her family in Saratoga Springs, the jail report states. According to, the report details many instances when Roberts touched the girl sexually, including in the kitchen and a theater room in the house.

The girl told police that she and Roberts talked with each other about their problems and that Roberts would talk to the girl “about sex as a way to cope with problems or life issues,” the report states.

During the first time Roberts touched the girl, he massaged and touched the girl on her waist and hips while the two were in the kitchen, according to the report, and moved his hands down toward her crotch area. The girl “just ‘froze’ and didn’t know what to say,” according to the report. No other actions took place that day in the kitchen, the report states.

One encounter took place when Roberts was in Idaho and called the girl over FaceTime, according to the report. He committed a lewd act on camera while the girl watched, the report states. The girl “said she didn’t dare say no to him,” according to the report.

The report also states that Roberts had her touch his genitals. “She didn’t want to argue, so she would,” according to the report.

The report indicates that the girl told police of other instances of escalating sexual contact from Roberts. “She said she thinks he would have ‘raped’ her the next time.”

The girl’s mother met with Saratoga Springs police on May 18 and showed them “screenshot evidence of an electronic conversation” between Roberts and the girl that took place weeks before that date, the report states. The conversation was “extremely sexually explicit” and included pictures of Roberts genitalia, according to the report.

Also on May 18, police contacted Roberts’ wife, and she confirmed that the photos from the conversation were of Roberts and were taken at the couple’s home in Paris, Idaho, the report states.

Roberts’ wife called him during the interview with police, and police spoke with Roberts and advised him of his rights. Roberts told police “the allegations are true,” according to the report, and agreed to an additional interview, the report states.

In an interview with police on the same day, Roberts “admitted to everything surrounding this case,” according to the report.

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