Jordan questioned for blurring Melaleuca podium sign


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Paulette Jordan | Instagram

IDAHO FALLS — Why was a photo from the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration blurred before being posted on Paulette Jordan’s social media pages?

That’s the question the Idaho Republican Party and others are asking.

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate was invited to speak before hundreds of guests at the annual Idaho Falls Independence Day celebration at Snake River Landing. A picture of her at the podium was posted on her Jordan for Governor Facebook and Instagram pages, but the Melaleuca logo on the lectern was blurred out.

A caption on Instagram did not mention the event where Jordan was speaking:

In Idaho Falls, enjoying the process, meeting and speaking to hundreds of thousands of Idahoans. Like my elders believed for generations, all responsible stewards of our land are welcome in Idaho. This Independence Day I am reminded of my grandfather who once stated, we are not free until we are all free. Once we are Governor of our own lands for the first time in history, we will truly see freedom and independence for all.

Photos of Jordan speaking at other events, including the Idaho Falls Rotary, Teen Vogue Summit in New York City and People’s Action in Washington, D.C., have not been blurred.

“It’s strange that Paulette Jordan doesn’t want to be associated with a homegrown Idaho business, especially when she’s so happy to advertise her far-flung travels to speak to out-of-state groups,” Idaho Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Parker said in a post on the IDGOP website. “Jordan seems more comfortable publicly embracing these out-of-state groups, which promote policies that are openly hostile to the values of most Idaho voters, than she does acknowledging the accomplishments and successes of Idaho companies which provide good jobs to Idahoans and contribute so much to our economy.”

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot and his wife, Belinda, invited Jordan to sit at their table and speak at the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration. Republican gubernatorial candidate Brad Little also addressed the crowd and sat at the same table.

“I understand Ms. Jordan drove all the way from Coeur d’Alene to get to the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration. That’s about a nine-hour drive,” VanderSloot told “I was thrilled that she came and that she would sit at my table. She handled herself very professionally and was very cordial and friendly. I don’t know why she would blur our name on the podium, but I think there’s probably another side to the story, and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Sometimes candidates’ staff do things without their knowledge. We should hear her side because she doesn’t seem to be somebody who would intentionally do that.” emailed and called Jordan’s campaign for a response, but our messages have not been returned.

The Idaho Democratic Party declined to comment on the photo, but Parker is calling on the candidate to explain why it was blurred.

“Why is she trying to hide the name of this company? She never blurs out the name of those other organizations, most of them on the far left. She’s clearly proud of her association with them,” Parker said. “Isn’t she proud of what Idaho businesses have achieved?”