Madison High School students to appear on PBS Newshour tonight


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REXBURG — Madison High School student journalists Bridger Stoddard and Jared Miskin will be on PBS NewsHour tonight.

The school was chosen as a Student Reporting Lab (SRL) this year and their newspaper program will be working with producers in Washington D.C. to plan, produce, shoot and edit news packages that could potentially air on Idaho Public Television and PBS Newshour.

The school newspaper, MHS Bobcat Beat, reports on news that is happening around the school. The SRL program is a great place to expand their audience, think about issues other teens are facing and let their voices be heard.

Besides two original assignments the students are working on, SRL producers from Newshour periodically send out Rapid Responses – prompts with 10 questions to all of the labs. They usually deal with current stories and students only have a couple of days to respond with their top interviews.

Two of Madison’s interviews were chosen from labs across the country to be used in a news package about how teens feel about whether adults should be held responsible for their actions as teens. The package appeared on Twitter and Facebook last week and will air tonight on Newshour at 6 p.m.