UPDATE: All power restored in Ammon power outage


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EastIdahoNews.com file illustration


Rocky Mountain Power officials say the problem has been fixed, and all power has been restored.


AMMON — Rocky Mountain Power officials say power has been restored to about 1,500 customers, however, there are still some 14,734 customers without power as of 10 a.m.

These are the latest numbers, despite the numbers on the outage website, according to Rocky Mountain Power officials. The outages are mostly in Ammon, Iona, and Ucon, but also spread around Bonneville County.

Rocky Mountain Power officials tell EastIdahoNews.com three substations initially went down, however, one substation has been restored. The issue is located between the Sugarmill and Sandcreek substations, although there is still no word on the cause.

Tentative restoration is estimated at around midday Wednesday.

Idaho Falls Power reminds locals this is a Rocky Mountain Power outage and that they can’t do anything to help. They advise customers to call RMP at (877) 508-5088.

EastIdahoNews.com has requested more details and will post them when they are available.