Local lawyer admits to stealing minor items for the thrill, documents show

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Kevin Peterson

BLACKFOOT — A local attorney accused of burglary reportedly told police he did it for the thrill.

Kevin Peterson, a local lawyer, was arrested and charged with felony burglary, misdemeanor petit theft and misdemeanor driving under the influence on Jan. 9. He allegedly stole multiple small items from Elmer’s Imports in Blackfoot.

Peterson is facing a minimum of one year in prison with a maximum of 10 years if convicted for felony burglary.

According to court documents, authorities received a report from the owner of Elmer’s Import’s that she had seen surveillance video of a man take several items, place them in his coat and down his pants then walk out of the store without paying.

The man reentered the store and took several more items without paying.

Investigators reviewed the video and reportedly identified Peterson as the man who took the items.

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He allegedly took Lucas Oil worth $9.29, Battery RCB9 L-B worth $17.60, Activa Socks worth $9.95 and Special Effect Graphics Stickers $18.36.

Authorities later identified Peterson’s vehicle at the Bingham County Courthouse. Looking inside the vehicle’s windows, they saw a battery box and a Lucas Oil container matching the stolen items, according to documents.

When investigators questioned Peterson about the items, he admitted to taking them.

He said he hadn’t planned on taking the battery and oil, but decided to while he was waiting for the store clerk to locate an item he had asked for.

He said he took the other two items “for the thrill of it,” when he reentered the store after taking the first two.

He said he didn’t open any of the items.

According to documents, Peterson said this wasn’t the first time he’d stolen items. He said he’d already made amends with the owner of the store he’d stolen from before.

Peterson explained he’d been struggling with depression and impulse control. He said medications were also a part of his struggles.

While conducting the interview, investigators reported they noticed Peterson’s speech was slow and he seemed confused or dazed.

They took a blood sample, and Peterson was taken into custody. Results of the blood test were not available in the court documents.

Peterson is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Jan. 24.