These deer were poached and IDFG wants your help finding those responsible


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Two poached buck mule deer found on Big Willow Rd. north of Emmett | Craig Mickelson, IDFG

The following is a news release from the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game.

EMMETT – Fish and Game is asking the public for information regarding the recent poaching of two mule deer bucks just off Big Willow Road north of Emmett.

Citizens Against Poaching (CAP) is offering a reward for information in the case and callers can remain anonymous. Contact CAP at 1-800-632-5999 24 hours a day.

Fish and Game conservation officer Brian Marek spoke with the landowner on Monday, February, 11th. The landowner reported finding two dead mule deer bucks near his home and immediately adjacent to Big Willow Road that morning.

Hours earlier, at 3:30 a.m., the landowner was returning from work and spotted a vehicle parked along the road. As he prepared to investigate, the vehicle, described as a mid-sized SUV, sped away.

Later that morning he found the dead bucks and made a call to Fish and Game.

“Deer herds in this area are still recovering from the 2017 winter,” Marek said. “Spotlighting deer during closed season only further hampers that recovery.”

Evidence was collected during the investigation, but Marek hopes to learn more about the case from an eyewitness or others who have knowledge of the poaching incident.

“I am very interested in visiting with anyone who has information regarding this case,” Marek noted.

In addition to the CAP hotline, persons with information regarding this case may also contact the Fish and Game Nampa office at (208) 465-8465 weekdays and Idaho State Police at (208) 846-7550 on weekends.