Dry Bar comic Steve Soelberg to perform in Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls

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IDAHO FALLS — Jokes about laser hair removal, an appendectomy, and massage therapy are only scratching the surface when it comes to Steve Soelberg’s comedic act.

Soelberg, a Seattle native who’s been seen on viral VidAngel Dry Bar Comedy videos, will be performing locally April 4.

Soelberg’s performance is separate from the Dry Bar tour but will keep to its PG style. Soelberg describes himself as a comic who’s also clean.

“I’m pretty excited to be part of hopefully starting a good, long tradition of doing good standup in Idaho Falls,” Soelberg says.

He says it’s not his first time performing in eastern Idaho, but it is his first time performing in the Downtown Event Center’s comedy club setting.

The DEC is a new venue headlining comics, including ones known from Dry Bar like Alex Velluto and Cory Michaelis. Soelberg and his other Dry Bar counterparts are some of the first comedians to participate in the new comedy lineup at the event center.

Soelberg recently performed in Rexburg opening for Ashton native and Netflix’s “Happy Face” comedian Ryan Hamilton last fall.

He says for his Idaho Falls show, fans and newcomers can look forward to him “doing new material on the stage, but (doing) some classics.”

“It’s good to do stuff that you know works well,” Soelberg says.

Soelberg got his start a decade ago when he invited his friends to watch him perform at an open mic night. He says his first performance was well received, but his second one — not so much.

“Shortly thereafter I got to do three minutes on a weekend show, and I remember thinking, ‘This will go just like it went when all my friends were there,’” and it did not,” Soelberg says. “I remember thinking, ‘Why aren’t they laughing at my jokes?’”

Despite the lack of success on his second go, Soelberg was addicted to getting laughs.

“I just kept going back,” Soelberg says. “I went back enough that I finally convinced people to laugh my jokes, enough that now it’s my job.”

You can catch some of Soelberg’s performances online through Dry Bar Comedy, or find his special on Amazon Prime.
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