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Bear euthanized after strolling into family’s campsite for food


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Stock image | Grand Teton National Park

MOOSE, Wyoming — A bear was euthanized after it strolled into a family’s campsite in Grand Teton National Park on Thursday.

The “highly food-conditioned” black bear showed no fear of people and routinely stopped by campsites, picnic tables and vehicles in the Jenny and String Lake areas, according to a park news release.

On Wednesday, the bear walked into a family’s campsite where there were children. The bear went straight to the picnic table to eat the campers’ food. Park rangers rushed to the site and asked the family to move to a safer area.

Officials immediately closed the area, trapped and killed the female bear weighing about 60 pounds. She was estimated to be about a year-and-a-half old.

“Grizzly and black bears thrive in Grand Teton National Park and the John D. Rockefeller Jr., Memorial Parkway. Visitors may encounter a bear anywhere and at any time,” according to the news release. “Wildlife are wild and unpredictable. Feeding wildlife in a national park is illegal and presents severe risks to the animal and to humans.”

Park rangers remind people of the importance to properly store food while in bear country. They say visitors should keep items prepared to be quickly gathered in case a bear approaches. The park also provides bear-resistant food lockers and people can keep food in a car. The park asks people not to burn waste in fire pits or leave litter in the park.

The park also provides a webpage with information about visiting bear country.