A final Secret Santa surprise for a young father working at a local courthouse

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A Secret Santa is back and this Christmas is bigger than ever!

The EastIdahoNews.com team is busy helping a local man gift more than $500,000 this holiday season. A lot more. Secret Santa is a real person who wants to remain anonymous and hopes to help as many individuals in our community as he can.

Danny works for the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office. The pandemic has been hard on his family financially. His wife hasn’t been able to work due to the extreme precautions she’s taking for their children. Their daughter had to be airlifted twice last year due to complications from croup.

Danny commutes 80 miles a day round trip. He recently totaled his truck after hitting a deer. He didn’t have the money to replace his truck and found a vehicle for $1,000 with 225,000 miles on it.

Danny is one of the kindest souls you’ll meet and is always serving his family, friends and the community. He currently volunteers for the city of Downey ambulance and responds to medical emergencies. He is working toward becoming an EMT to better help the community.

For our final Secret Santa surprise this year, the East Idaho News elves visited the Bannock County Courthouse with a special gift for Danny and his family. Watch the video above to see what happened!

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