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Getting to Know Andrea Jardine of Frontier Custom Homes and RE/MAX Prestige

Getting to Know

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1. Name and Job Title: Andrea Jardine, Co-owner of Frontier Custom Homes and Realtor at RE/MAX Prestige

2. What do you do in your position? As a real estate agent, I help people buy and sell real estate in east Idaho. As a co-owner of our building company, I help procure investments for new homes, project earnings, identify potential buyers, work with other agents to customize homes and handle the closings.

3. Where were you born and when is your birthday? I was born on Aug. 26 in Roosevelt, Utah.

4. How long have you lived in eastern Idaho and what city do you live in now? I’ve lived in east Idaho for 22 years – 17 of those years were spent in Lewisville and the rest in Idaho Falls.

5. Tell us about your first job after high school or college. My first job after high school was at Camp Costanoan in Cupertino, California. After our first year of college in Lethbridge, Alberta, my friend and I wanted an adventure so we accepted positions at a camp for disabled individuals. We lived at the camp and took care of the guests then we’d have a few days off between sessions to explore the Bay Area. It was an amazing experience.

6. What is the best business decision you’ve ever made? Learning marketing skills like graphic and web design, writing and video production has to be the best decision I’ve made. These skills have helped me with every business I’ve owned.

7. Tell us about your family. I was raised by two amazing parents who taught all of us six children that there are no limits to anything in this world. If you want something, go get it. We moved a lot throughout my childhood. We lived in Utah, Idaho, Missouri, Georgia, Washington and Alberta, Canada, where I graduated high school. My husband Ben and I have been married for 21 years in June and have had a lot of fun so far. We have 2 daughters, Jade and Lilly. We love traveling to new places together.

8. Tell us about a movie or book that has inspired you the most in life. ‘Stolen Lives’ by Malika Oukfir is a book that has inspired me and has stuck with me over the years. It’s remarkable to me how resilient the human spirit is. And it gives us some perspective on how blessed we are to live in a country with so many freedoms.

9. Tell us about a lesson you learned from a mistake you made in your career. I learned from one business experience how important it is to choose a partner wisely. A business partner who doesn’t share your vision or isn’t dedicated to the day-to-day hustle to achieve that vision can ruin your business and your life. It’s like a marriage. You spend most of your time with them, so it needs to be someone you trust with your life (and really enjoy being around). I also learned that if you aren’t enjoying a certain aspect/task of your business or if you really aren’t doing it well… pay someone else to do it.

10. What is the goal you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months? I’d love to start purchasing some long-term investment properties.

11. What is one piece of advice you have for someone who wants to do what you’re doing? Always be on the lookout for opportunities. Sometimes they don’t come gift-wrapped with a shiny bow and glitter…but disguised as something less desirable with an accompanying promise of hard work.

12. If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? I would have gone back to University 10 years earlier, and not been afraid of starting my career in my 20s instead of my 30s. I am grateful that I was able to stay home and raise my girls, but I know now that I could’ve done both successfully.

13. Where is your favorite place to eat in eastern Idaho? Teton House in Menan. It’s a quaint little spot hidden in a tiny town with the best food.

14. Tell us something surprising about yourself. I started playing piano at 7 years old and from that was able to pick up many other instruments and just start playing. I can play guitar, mandolin, ukulele, drums and piano. Also, I am a computer nerd and love all things tech.

15. How do you like your potatoes? I love scalloped potatoes.

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