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Mindy Rees, a young widow, answers 7 Questions with Emmy for International Widows’ Day

7 Questions

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The idea came from a Facebook commenter who saw a video of me and my family floating down the river in Island Park. The person said I should turn the tables and interview my dad (Nate Eaton) – so I did and the rest is history!

Every year on June 23, International Widows’ Day gives special recognition to widows of all ages around the world. I did not know this day existed until a few weeks ago when my dad spoke with Mindy Rees. She is a young mother of four kids whose husband, Wyatt, died of ALS in December 2019 at the age of 35.

I thought it might be interesting to chat with Mindy about what it’s like being a widow, how we can help those who are grieving following death and what she wants us to know. We met up at Wyatt’s gravesite at the Ucon Cemetery for a chat.

Here are the questions I asked here:

  • I know your husband was sick with ALS. Can you tell me more about what that is?
  • Does it make you sad to talk about your husband Wyatt?
  • Sometimes I don’t know what to say when people are sad. What are some good ways to be there for those who have lost a spouse?
  • What are things that are not helpful for widows and widowers?
  • What is one of your favorite memories with Wyatt?
  • Is it hard going to school for nursing while being a single parent?
  • What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

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