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A Feel Good Friday surprise for a brother and sister who have mowed over 50 lawns for those in need this summer

Feel Good Friday

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There are a lot of special youth living in eastern Idaho and today we are thanking two of them.

Hayden, 12, and his sister Brynlee, 10, have mowed over 50 lawns this summer. They are participating in the 50 Yard Challenge – a national movement for boys and girls between 7-17 that encourages them to mow lawns without charge for the elderly, disabled, single parents, veterans and anyone else in need.

We received an email about Hayden and Brynlee. Part of it said:

It has been inspiring to see two young kids work hard to provide service for others. I think it’s an incredible program that is teaching them about hard work, service and feeling good when you reach a goal. They are on schedule to finish their 50th yard this weekend. Think about it – 50 yards. Most of us won’t mow our lawns half that many times in a summer. They have worked super hard and while I don’t think they need to be recognized for what they are doing, I think their story is a great example of what young kids can achieve. Maybe someone else will be inspired by their actions.

We tracked down Hayden and Brynlee as they were mowing a lawn and surprised them for Feel Good Friday. Check out the video above and learn more about the 50 Yard Challenge here.

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