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Rigby neighbors frustrated after mailboxes destroyed


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RIGBY — People living near 3800 East and 400 North in Jefferson County say they are frustrated after their mailboxes have been hit, bent and even demolished.

“It’s kind of shocking when you realize someone decided to smash my mailbox for no apparent reason. I have never done anything to anyone,” said Justin Beckley, who had his mailbox damaged near 200 North within the last month.

Beckley says that at first, he thought the power company accidentally hit his mailbox with their equipment but he quickly realized, that wasn’t the case.

Courtesy Justin Beckley

“I saw my neighbors and heard from the mail lady that more were smashed,” Beckley says.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, residents reported the mailbox vandalism. A lieutenant tells that they have patrolled the areas and encourage residents to call in any suspicious activity.

Beckley says he had to pay $70 for a new mailbox and he’s frustrated that he even had to do that. “I work long days and I work hard for my money,” he said.

Chad Jenson, another neighbor that lives nearby, says that this type of vandalism has happened to him before. His mailbox has been damaged and dented but this time, it was destroyed.

“I was mad and angry. I was brought up different. I was taught to respect other people’s property,” Jenson said. He said that whoever broke his mailbox, threw the base of a black heavy (traffic) cone at it.

Jenson believes that kids might have gone around the neighborhood and caused the damage. He’s hoping that the rash of incidents in the area will stop. “I know it’s been happening forever and people say to expect it if you live on a country road, but do we really need to accept that behavior from these kids?” Jenson said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says no arrests have been made and they are still investigating the cases.

United States Postal Service spokesman David Rupert says it is a crime to vandalize mailboxes and those who are convicted of destruction of federal property, could spend up to three years in jail and be fined up to $250,000.

Rupert says if you know someone who committed an act of mailbox vandalism, report it to the Postal Inspectors.

He also suggests that if you see someone actively tampering with a mailbox, report it immediately to local law enforcement. Residents can call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 745-9210.

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