Grandmother selling tamales to pay for husband’s medical treatment stunned with a Secret Santa surprise

Secret Santa

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The team is busy this holiday season helping a local man gift $1 million to deserving people in eastern Idaho. Secret Santa is a real person who wants to remain anonymous and hopes to bless as many individuals in our community as he can.

Maria Garcia makes the most amazing homemade tamales that she sells to help pay for her husband’s medical bills. He is on dialysis and they often travel to Salt Lake City for appointments.

The Garcias have five children and 13 grandchildren. Before moving to Idaho Falls three years ago, they ran a food cart in Southern California selling tamales, tacos and carnitas.

They moved to eastern Idaho to be close to some of their grandkids. The tamale business helped pay some bills but the Garcias were forced to stop their business due to COVID-19. Thankfully, after the gift from Secret Santa, they no longer have a need to sell tamales.

Secret Santa was moved by the Garcia’s story and asked the East Idaho News elves to surprise them. We ordered some tamales and showed up with a big tip. Check out the video above!

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