High-water temperatures prompt fishing advisory in Grand Teton National Park


The following is a news release from Grand Teton National Park.

MOOSE, Wyoming — During the peak summer season, hot weather causes elevated water temperatures that are stressful for coldwater fish such as trout. Fishing compounds this stress and hampers the fish’s ability to recover when caught and released. Water temperatures have exceeded 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) in recent days and the weather forecast calls for continued hot and dry conditions.

Grand Teton National Park is asking anglers, practicing catch and release, to adjust fishing practices during the hottest stretch of summer. During these warm days, please consider the following:

  • Fish early in the morning while the water temperature is cooler
  • Carry a pocket thermometer to monitor water temperature
  • It is recommended that anglers cease fishing at 2 p.m. when water temperatures are likely to exceed 68°F.

Use proper techniques to catch and release a fish become increasingly more important to help ensure the fish has a chance of survival:

  • Play and land fish quickly to reduce exhaustion stress
  • Keep the fish in the water as much as possible
  • Gently handle the fish and let them recover before release
  • Remove the hook gently. If hooked deeply, cut the leader
  • Flies and lures are recommended whenever fish are being caught and released
  • Barbless hooks allow easier hook removal

If a fish is exhausted and cannot hold itself upright, and if regulations allow, consider keeping it because the fish’s chance of survival is poor.

Your cooperation during warmer temperatures will protect the park’s fisheries. Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat is one of the many unique opportunities that make Grand Teton National Park special and awe-inspiring. Every visitor who comes to Grand Teton has the unique responsibility to ensure the natural resources are protected for everyone to enjoy.

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