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7 Questions with Emmy

Country singer Randy Travis and his wife Mary answer 7 Questions with Emmy

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Randy Travis is a country music legend. He has 23 No. 1 hits, 31 Top-10 songs, 7 Grammy Awards, 11 ACM Awards, 10 American Music Awards, five CMA Awards and is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Since his stroke in 2013, his wife Mary has helped him make continuous improvements in his speaking, walking, and yes, even singing!

Mary and Randy were kind enough to speak with me last year and we decided to revisit the interview. Here’s what I asked them:

  • Randy – I understand that you and Mary like to listen to your older music? Mary – what’s your favorite song your husband has ever recorded?
  • Randy – Being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame must have been awesome. You sang ‘Amazing Grace.’ Mary – how has your faith played a role in Randy’s music?
  • Mary – how did you and Randy meet and was it love at first sight?
  • Randy – have you ever been to Idaho and tried our famous potatoes? Mary – do you guys have a favorite way you like to eat our potatoes?
  • Randy – Your memoir ‘Forever and Ever, Amen’ came out a few years ago. Mary – was there anything about your husband’s life in the book that surprised you?
  • Randy – You had a severe stroke a few years ago. Your courage and strength since then have been inspiring! Mary – what have you learned caring for someone with a serious health condition?
  • Mary – what is your and Randy’s favorite junk food?
  • BONUS QUESTION – Can you share a piece of advice with me?
  • Watch my entire interview with Randy and Mary in the video player above. You can learn more about Randy on his website, Facebook page and Instagram.

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