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19 things you need for your newborn

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Despite the baby showers and shopping sprees, you may wonder if you have everything you need to take care of a newborn. To ease your stress and anxiety, here is a list of 19 essentials.

1. The diaper bag

Think of this like your purse. Most come with a surprising amount of storage. Some have built-in areas for wipes, and some even have changing pads inside them. Regardless of what type of bag you choose, keeping all of the essentials for your baby in one area is a must.

2. Car seat

Not only are car seats federally mandated, but the hospital will not let you leave for home unless you have one properly installed in your car. A lot of quality car seats are available, but as with all baby products, it is wise to make sure there are no recalls on whichever model you are looking at.

3. Burp cloths

You never know when you will need a few of these. If you think you need five, buy 20. And keep them close because you never know when you will need to quickly grab one or two.

4. Soft baby carrier

There will be times when your baby cannot be cuddled up with you or in your arms. For that, you can choose from among a wide variety of baby carriers that are designed to swaddle your baby while you need two hands for something like making a bottle. Popular styles include a sling or a front-to-back convertible.

5. The perfect swaddling blanket

Babies love to be wrapped up tight in a soft blanket and held close. Look for a blanket that is not quite so heavy. You do not want your baby to overheat.

6. Diapers and wipes

Thanks to services like Amazon Mom, you can get diapers sent to you at a rate you need. The last thing you want is to head to the store late at night only to find that the size and brand of diapers you need are out of stock. Have plenty of wipes on hand. Keep in mind that some wipes are geared for little ones with sensitive skin and can make a big difference.

7. Diaper cream

No matter what, you will need this at some point. Without it, you will have one unhappy little one. There are more and more creams to choose from today but look for one with a fair amount of zinc oxide. If you choose to use cloth diapers, be sure to buy a cream that without petroleum, as it will ruin the cloth.

8. Diaper caddy

This may seem unnecessary, but having all of your diaper-changing essentials organized makes for a much smoother diaper changing routine. Most of these little baskets come with a nice carrying handle, which makes moving the little caddy around very easy.

9. Stroller

Some parents love strollers, while others feel they are an extra item. Getting a stroller that has the ability to securely hold your car seat is a huge plus. Having a stroller makes any outing more convenient as you no longer have to carry a car seat and diaper bag – you just push it.

10. Nail clippers

Baby nails grow astonishingly fast, so they need to be trimmed regularly. Their little nails are sharp and can easily scratch you, but more importantly, if they go untrimmed, they can scratch and cut their own skin. Keeping them trimmed will keep your little one safe.

11. Puppy training pads

When changing diapers, there will probably be accidents and spills, which is to be expected. In the event of a spill or mess, the training pad will collect the mess without it getting all over the surface you are on. Instead of having to disinfect and clean the area, simply throw the pad away!

12. Baby lotion

The secret to soft and smooth baby skin is baby lotion. Look for one that is mild and non-toxic. It is best to put baby lotion on after a nice bath so the baby’s skin stays hydrated and soft.

13. Baby wash + shampoo

Make sure that you get a set that is tear free.

14. Digital thermometer

During the first few weeks of a newborn’s life, they are very susceptible to getting sick. Being able to accurately monitor their temperature is important. Digital thermometers are more accurate than older ones, and often the most accurate are digital rectal thermometers.

15. Hand sanitizer

Having a newborn means you are going to come in contact with quite a few fluids. Also, it is important to regularly sanitize your hands so that you are not passing along any contagious germs to your little one. You can pick up travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer for when you’re on the go.

16. Breast pump

If you plan to breastfeed, being able to pump is a must. For one, the pump will help stimulate your milk supply. If you are a working mother, being able to pump and store milk is also a huge plus. Most insurance providers will cover the cost of a pump, although certain insurance providers only cover specific models. Check with your insurance provider before you purchase one.

17. Bottles

Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, a quality bottle makes a big difference. You’d be surprised, but some bottles are significantly better than others, and not just for feeding. Others are designed with oral health in mind. Consulting your pediatrician about which bottle is best is a great place to start when looking for the perfect bottle.

18. Crib

Eventually, you will need a crib for your little one. Trying to find the right crib and put it together after the baby has arrived makes for a lot of work. Have the baby’s room/nursery completely ready before you head into labor.

19. Pediatrician

You and your new baby will be going to the doctor often. These regular checkups are important, and having a trusted pediatrician will eliminate a lot of stress that comes with being a first-time parent.

Having a baby is a lot of work, and will bring you more joy than you knew possible. Being prepared for this exciting time in your family’s life will allow you to focus on your new little one as much as possible.


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